OOTN: The Get-Together

I was invited to a “Get-Together” very last minute this past weekend and the inevitable question fell upon my shoulders “What to wear?!” So I sprang to my trusty but under construction, closet for my answer. I have recently began a rebuild of my closet when I realized I did not own not 1 neutral. […]


Lust List: These Boots Were Made For Walking

1. Tan Metal Plate Ankle Boots 2. White Cut Out Buckle Ankle Boots 3. Blink Leopard Print Gold Stud Ankle Boots 4. Black Contrast Chunky Sole Lace Up Heeled Work Boots 5. Low Boots 6. Orelia Leather Buckle Ankle Boot As Autumn makes herself really cozy in New England, […]


Motherland Chic: Annesophie Achera

Starting off the Motherland Chic series, I bring to you Annesophie Achera for Achera Designs. This up and coming talent hales from my own roots, Kenya where she started by designing and sewing outfits for herself and friends. This became her passion, more-so she made it her career and began workings as a design assistant […]


Color Quandary: All White Erry’thang

Fall is here and winter is fast approaching. With the end of a lovely summer forcing me to pack away my open-toe sandals and strappy flats, I decided to jump feet first (literally) into my fall/winter wardrobe. With the last of the warm autumn days, I am indulging in some white, brights and patterns before […]