YoSoy // I Am What I Am

Trying to make it through this balmy winter weather without experiencing frost-bitten appendages? I have the scarves to keep you warm and stylishly swagged out. YoSoy clothing is brought to us by a group of very talented designers, stylists and artists that produce high-quality, hand-made clothing and accessories. Their eclectic brand is a clear mix […]


Prabal Gurung for Target

This spring, Parabal Gurung is answering my fashion prayers and releasing an 80+ item collection for Target. You read that right, Target, your neighborhood go-to store for all things household is adding to the already long list of wonderful designers that have produced low cost alternatives for the brand’s customers. I am very excited for […]


Twerk Team // Major Laser

I pose to you this question in my best Rick Ross voice, werk, werk, werk, werk, werk, what you twerking with? Don’t worry this post has nothing to do with Rick Ross or that song (though I have to admit it is a guilty pleasure of mine, when I am alone, in the deepest of […]


Webisodes // The Unwritten Rules

I work in an office and therefore love shows that highlight the most-often ridiculousness of an office environment. I love the show “The Office” which is sadly coming to an end, spin-offs anyone? I would love to follow Dwight’s crazy life beyond office hours. Any who, I found this amazingly hilarious, ridiculously on-point new-to-me webisode […]


Hey, I Heard You Were a Wild One

The gym is probably the only time I listen to any form of techno/club/dance music due to the fast thumping beats that make this girl run like Forest (Gump, that is) on the treadmill. Pandora is my app of choice for this activity. I like the random nature of the playlists, though the anti-skip feature […]


Are you INfashuated?

So I am Kenyan and love to read about all things Kenyan but when I came upon this blog post by one of my favorite blogs in the whole wide world INfashuated.com, I could’ve passed out from pure excitement. Kenya’s reputation has revolved around violence, with the most recent example of the 2007-08 election that […]


Who is the Jungle Club?

The Jungle Club is a group of talented individuals geared toward making new musical and artistic innovations. Their music draws inspiration for all genres of music blending hip-hop, soul and jazz to create a harmony that soothes all souls from the hardcore hip-hop heads to the head-banging rock enthusiast. Be sure to add them to […]